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A. Purpose
With Slingbox Solo and internet access, you can use your TVpad to watch TV on a computer (PC & Mac), smartphone, or tablet.

B. Hardware requirements
1. Slingbox - Solo or Pro-HD
2. TVpad- M120, M121 or M121S
3a. For M120- HDMI to Component Video Converter
3b. For M121 or M121S - There are two options- HDMI to Component Video Converter or Composite Video + Audio Cable.
The former option returns high resolution, but with no options to change aspect ratio in Slingplayer.
The Latter option returns lower resolution, but gives the freedom to change aspect ratio on Slingplayer.
This is an example of a Component Video Converter: example
4. Component Video + Audio cable : 2 sets

C. Hardware installation
Setup is very straightforward. The following steps and diagram follows the installation of a Slingbox Solo with a M120 TVpad with HDMI to Component Converter

1. Individually connect the Slingbox and TVpad to the internet (wired or wireless)
2. Connect the TVpad's Output and the Component Video Converter's Input with an HDMI Cable
3. Connect the Slingbox's video/audio Input and the Component Video Converter with the component video and audio cables
4. Connect the Slingbox's video/audio Output and your HDTV medium's Input with the component video and audio cables
5. Plug in the Slingbox control cable and point the IR Controller at the TVpad
6. Plug the Slingbox, TVpad, and Component Video Converter into a power source

D. Slingbox Settings, Remote Settings:
1. Install the standalone version of Slingplayer. Make sure it is not the web-based version, because the web-based version does not allow additional special controlling files, and without those files Slingbox will not support TVpad's control.
Download links for Standalone version of Slingplayer:
PC (Window) : http://support.slingbox.com/go/windows-download-desktop-us
MAC : http://support.slingbox.com/go/dl-mac-desktop
2. Download this file TVpad_Slingbox_Remote_v1.rar,which is designed specifically for TVpad. After decompressing the file there will be 2 Bin files and a Readme.
3.PC Version:
Put the two BIN files into your C:\Program Files\Sling Media\Slingplayer\SBAV\ folder. (C:\Program Files(x86)\Sling Media\Slingplayer\SBAV\ for WIN7)
Mac version:
Put the two files into your /Applications/SlingPlayer/Contents/Slingbox Setup Assistant/Contents/Resources/SBAV/ (Note that The Contents dirs won't show up unless you do a "Right-Click -> Show Package Contents" when navigating into an app's "Contents" directory.)
4. Now go into Slingplayer and run Setup Assistant (setting -> Setup Assistant) and 'Configure Video Sources'. Work through the screens Making sure you select 'Other Controllable Device' as the device type (regardless of the type of your device). This time use 'Other' as the Manufacturer and the Model and in the next screen scroll to the bottom of the Code numbers, select 'Custom' and then type V2010 (NOT v2010, the code is case-sensitive) in the newly appeared Custom Code window (or use the Alternative Code window in the MAC). Then complete the setup as normal.

E. Remote Buttons:
I have mapped all the logical keys except the following:

key:                       function on TVpad:
Program Guide        Menu
Menu                     Home
Info.                       Favorite
Last Channel          IME  *
Enter/Cancel          Delete  #
Exit / Stop              Exit 

Because all controls have to pass through the network, there will be a slight delay before the commands actually go through. The power on/off button takes the longest, but it is still very managable. For my TVpad, the power button takes approximately 5-8 seconds to react.

F. Installing Mobile Version of Slingplayer
After the setup, TVpad can now be used to view programs on smartphones and tablets through the mobile version of Slingplayer. Officially the mobile version of Slingplayer is not free of charge. More information across the net can easily be found on forums and usenets on how and where to download Slingplayer.

G. A Demo of TVpad used on a Tablet

TVpad Used: M121 v2.70, connected to Slingbox Solo through A/V Cables. Galaxy Tab (Android) playing through Slingplayer on WiFi.